Assessment categories and sample reports

A sample detailed candidates report after taking as assessment is as shown below. Each section is explained according to how you faired.

And this is categorized in levels as shown below. 

  1. Leadership
  2. Senior Management
  3. Middle Management
  4. Support
  5. Other specialized reports
  6. Other Autonomous roles

We also have other specialized reports based on area of expertise

  • Customer Care Representative Assessment
  • Aptitude and Technical Test for Civil Engineers
  • Assessment for Sales Manager
  • Finance Manager Assessment

In addition to these, we have also included other Autonomous roles as listed below. 

  • Remote Work Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Exit Interview Assessment
  • Stream Suggestor Assessment
  • Ideal Career Suggestor Assessment
  • Employee Engagement Assessment

This list is not exhaustive. You you wish any sample report not listed here, kindly do reach out to us.