What is an Aptitude test?

Aptitude Test is designed in a way that it has a mixture of questions which assess a variety of skills. It assesses the ability of an individual to process work related information and the ability to use reasoning to solve problems one encounters in one’s work.

An aptitude test for employment determines a candidates cognitive ability or personality. It predicts a candidate’s likelihood of success by providing a comprehensive evaluation. It is undertaken before making a hiring decision as it enables identifying the best talent.

An aptitude test is a widely accepted medium for employers to evaluate a candidate’s intelligence and ability. It can have different types of testing formats depending on the required skills for the job role. Aptitude tests are designed with questions to gauge how candidates react to a specific situation and their ability to perform tasks or solve problems. 

Aptitude tests are also defined as a way to measure how much a person can acquire with the help of training. Since people are different in their abilities and are fit for different tasks, an aptitude test is a method to understand and gauge such abilities. It helps the recruiters to have predictive insights about the candidates for various job roles.