Organization Coaching

Organization coaching will equip you with the precise practical tools you need to get you where you want to be in the marketplace. As experienced coaches we have developed the competence over the years to craft programs that are guaranteed to weave in the delicate balance between various dimensions of coaching such as productivity and employee growth and development, to have a win-win overall outcome.

This ensures that you equip your senior managers and leaders to fulfill their roles and enhance the performance of your organization in a way that will make it stand out from the crowd.

You may need this when:

  • an individual wants to improve leadership impact or address a specific performance issue
  • moving to a new senior role and the person needs to raise their game and create impact quickly
  • as an organization you are facing a drop in productivity unexpectedly due to stress or other factors and support is needed

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    Interview Preparation

    Both interviewers and candidates are evaluating each other during interviews. While employers assess whether candidates are right for the job, candidates too are also try to determine whether they want to work for your organization.

    As a candidate, it is important to have a resounding impact even if you are not successful in scoping the job.

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    Individual Coaching

    This is an executive premium service that is structured for individuals who value exclusivity. The preferred mode of engagement is face-to-face and we align the program to fit into your life demands and work schedules. We tailor bespoke programs guided by our standard coaching framework to ensure that we successfully partner together in the journey towards attaining you goals.

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      Group Coaching

      We help individuals make incredible progress in their careers, personal lives and mindset, by defining and upgrading their professional strategies, addressing specific or recurring issues, position for promotions, use appropriate self-development tools and adopt new practices to make major difference with long-term impact. We particularly focus on powering up your professional potential and regain your career confidence so you can achieve the growth, work-life balance or that career climax that you’ve always desired for your life.

      Level 1: Leadership Coaching

      Coaching for Leadership development is becoming one of the most recognized methods of developing and empowering top leaders. Today’s leaders face different challenges then ever faced by leaders of previous decades.
      Be it a leader who wants to improve leadership impact, address a specific performance issue or tackle unique challenges we provide the anchor and develop bespoke strategies that propels you to the top of your game.

      Level 2: Senior Management

      This program is specially designed for senior leaders who want to challenge themselves to really get to the core of who they are as leaders and develop the behaviors that will take their business functions to a whole new level of success, as such standing out as star candidates. We focus on training them to integrate structured leadership skills into their management style. By fostering talent, these managers can build their team’s performance and develop skills that benefit the organization as a whole.

      Level 3: Middle Management

      Managers need to be equipped for leadership positions, to enhance their performance in the organization. Through these programs they will develop skills on how to manage their young and growing teams and creating conducive working environments. Career development programs will enable them structure sustainable individual patterns that will increase their motivation and work engagement levels ultimately achieving outstanding performance.

      Level 4: Support

      We believe coaching is not limited to the executive team. The heart and soul of an organization is it’s entry-level to mid-management and support staff. If the leadership support and spearhead positive change, this will be embraced as the organizations culture and will endure even in uncertain times. This coaching program will help team members in organizations to engage with one another in a structured process that helps teams clearly communicate and drive change more effectively.


      Psychometric Tests

      Psychometric tests are an objective way to measure the potential ability of candidates to perform well in a specific role. They measure a range of skills from cognitive abilities, knowledge, job performance, assessing your personality traits, to job and academic potential.

      In some cases, the tests are intended to streamline the recruitment process and reveal top applicants efficiently. Whereas psychometric tests should not exclusively determine a hiring decision but rather alongside the CV, the in-person interview and other assessment rounds, their outcome can significantly enable the hiring manager make the right decisions. Most psychometric tests are administered online via email link or in-person at assessment centers.

      The value of performing well in psychometric testing should not be overlooked since a high psychometric test score will dramatically increase your chances of securing a final stage interview if not the actual job.